To: The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP

Protect Artarmon Bushland and Village Green

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Gwyn Denton
Protect Artarmon Bushland and Village Green

Dear Minister
We request your representation to ensure the new Sydney Metro has no impact on the Artarmon Reserve (and Bushland) and Artarmon Village Green.

Why is this important?

The Artarmon Reserve and bushland is a much loved and well used space by the residents of Artarmon and Willoughby, local school children and workers in the Artarmon Industrial Area. Residents, with the support of Willoughby Council have spent countless hours restoring the bushland in the reserve. It is now one of the only areas in Willoughby offering a natural bush escape.

Sydney Metro is presently deciding the route of the new metro train line. We are not against trains but we are against the unnecessary destruction of our bushland. There are several options for developing the Sydney Metro which are cost effective and entail no impact on our bushland whilst allowing our public transport expand to new areas which are currently not served by trains.

We urge Sydney Metro to avoid options which would see the loss of the Artarmon Village Green and station garden as well as a large part of the bushland reserve - and the construction of a large, high embankment which could materially change the remaining bushland and walking tracks not to mention the loss of large Eucalypts.


Reasons for signing

  • A lovely piece of nature to be enjoyed and cherished.
  • The Artarmon Reserve is unique to the area and must be preserved - a railway line through this Reserve will destroy it.
  • Once the bushland is gone it is gone for ever and we loose our beautiful walking tracks we share with nature


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