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To: Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments

Prioritise Sydney's public & active transport (over the Westconnex).

Prioritise Sydney's public & active transport (over the Westconnex).

We the undersigned call upon the Federal, New South Wales, and Local Governments to prioritise enhanced and expanded public and active transport to meet the needs of the people of Sydney.

Current and expected increases in the demand for public transport, especially in Western Sydney require a plan for sustained investment in public transport. Spending $10-15 billion dollars of the state’s limited funds on Westconnex will prevent the urgent investment needed in public transport capacity. In the Long Term Transport Master Plan the government predicted across the city a minimum increase of thirty percent in demand for public transport, and yet offered no plans or funding to meet this demand.

We call upon all levels of government to reject WestConnex and allocate funds to satisfy the increase in demand for public and active transport.

Why is this important?

WestCONnex won’t work! Public Transport Will

The NSW State Government is proposing to build the WestCONnex motorway: a 33km toll-road around Sydney that will destroy neighbourhoods, waste taxpayer funds, cost families money, increase pollution AND not fix our city’s traffic congestion problems!

The WestCONnex proposal involves:
• Duplicating M4 lanes from Parramatta to Homebush (Stage 1: construction from early 2015)
• Constructing a tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield (Stage 1: construction from mid-2016)
• Duplicating the M5 East (Stage 2: construction from 2016) and
• Constructing a tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters (Stage 3: construction from late 2018).

WestCONnex will mean:

More Tolls
Previously free roads will become toll ways. A return trip from Parramatta to the city will cost $14 in tolls if WestCONnex goes ahead and drivers will try to avoid them by speeding through local suburban streets instead.

Belching smoke stacks, truck diesel fumes, greater reliance on cars… Do we want to end up like Beijing, described as “barely suitable” for life as smog regularly blankets the city?

As with all new roads, WestCONnex will attract more traffic to the road network, particularly given that much existing public transport is at capacity. Only increased public transport relieves congestion over the long-term.

No New Public Transport
The estimated $11 billion to build WestCON will soak up all government funds that could otherwise be invested in sustainable public transport for all.

Destruction of Bushland and Parks
Important heritage bushland and local parks will be concreted over by WestCONnex. Let’s protect what little green and open space inner-west and south-western Sydney has left.

With the taxpayers’ funds slated for WestCONnex, the Government could instead build a second SydneyHarbour crossing, equalise all fares on the Airport rail line and build two more stops, fund light rail around ParramattaCity – and still have money left over. The Government is wasting money on building a transport network that doesn’t plan for current or future needs.

High Rise
WestCONnex is more than just a toll road. It is also part of the Government’s plan to use proposed new planning legislation to increase density in our already overcrowded suburbs. New high-rise buildings in previously low-rise residential areas will spring up, with occupants and their cars swallowing any new road capacity WestConnex initially provides.

WestCONnex is not the future we want!

What do we want?
The future we want is a less congested and more accessible, amenable city.
• Let’s spend that $11 billion on a range of considered public transport alternatives that suit our changing travel preferences.
• Let’s free up the existing road network for business and people who need it.
• Let’s keep our local communities under local community control.
• Let’s aspire to overseas cities which have invested in public transport for all.

And let’s invest in public transport now, before unaffordable petrol and peak oil makes white elephants of new motorways.

We want politicians to listen to concerned citizens, independent transport experts and community groups.

What can you do?
• Does your local State politician support WestCONnex? Contact their office and let them know you don’t!
• Join one of the No WestCONnex action groups and get involved in the campaign.
• Follow developing events via Facebook – No WestConnex Public Transport
• Follow developing events via Twitter: @westconnex
• Receive the latest WestCONnex at
Email us at info AT

Community meetings throughout Sydney enthusiastically passed the following motion “This public meeting rejects Westconnex and calls on Marrickville Council, all local councils on the route, and local Members of Parliament to run a fully-funded campaign against the Westconnex toll road.”

Reasons for signing

  • We need world class public transport, not the world's most expensive road.
  • To stop the construction of a futile means of transport infrastructure that is neither socially, economically or environmentally viable
  • to stop pollution and keep the city alive


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