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To: NSW Premier Mike Baird

Premier Baird - Say No to the Shooters' dodgy political fix

Dear Premier Baird

Please oppose the Shooter’s Party plans to halve my vote in local government elections

Why is this important?

How much do you think your vote matters compared to big business and big money at elections? What if the value of your vote was cut in half?

That’s exactly what would happen in Sydney under changes Premier Baird and the Coalition are set to support. The changes are part of new laws put forward by the Shooter’s Party that would force every Business in the City of Sydney to vote in local elections – and make each of their votes worth twice that of a local resident.

It's outrageous. And they'll get a way with it too, because they think no one's paying attention. That's where you can prove them wrong, by building a massive petition against this anti-democratic attack on Sydney voters, before we deliver it next week.

Sign the petition asking the Premier not to halve your vote.

How it will be delivered

The laws will be voted on when state Parliament sits next -- in just two weeks.

So next Saturday, September 6, community and business leaders and representatives from the Greens, Labor and the Clover Moore team are coming together to hold a large public event, where we deliver this petition to the Premier at NSW Parliament.

We’ll send you an invite to join us for a big petition delivery when the time comes. But to have a big delivery, we first need a massive petition. Can you sign?

Reasons for signing

  • One person, one vote. So what if you have more money than me!
  • Democracy means rule by the people - not rule by the corporations give business the flick.
  • 'Shooting Liberals' are trying to invalidate our vote. Gerrymander by any other name.


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