To: The Queensland Coordinator General and Premier Campbell Newman

Please tell the Qld Government to stop destroying essential parkland

Please tell the Qld Government to stop destroying essential parkland

Earlier this year around 700 people over five days let the Queensland Government know that there was a better way and that they wanted heritage listed and essential Victoria Park green space and parkland protected, always.

They didn't want yet another major road and rail infrastructure project going through this special place - not another Legacy Way, not another spaghetti jungle, not the proposed BaT (Bus&Train) Project.

But the government didn't listen and here we are again. We need your help to remind the government that Victoria Park is here for the people. That it is important for its historical and cultural value, for the health benefits it provides and the environmental services it delivers.

To date, local and state governments have ignored their own requirement to protect this park. Now is our opportunity to let them know it is time to listen to the people and stop destroying this valuable asset.

We know how hard it is to be heard, so we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to make a submission that cannot be ignored. All you need to do is go to enter your details and press submit. All submissions made through our website will go direct to the Coordinator General.


Why is this important?

80,000 Queenslanders shouted out to the Queensland Government that they want more green space in 'The Queensland Plan'. Now government needs to listen. People want positive, healthy and resilient communities. They want to be able to travel from A to B and they know they don't have to lose their parks to make this happen. We are smarter than that. Please help save this valuable green space and remind government that they are meant to be protecting it for now and for the future.

How it will be delivered

All submissions made through the website will go straight where it counts, the Queensland Coordinator General.

But to make extra sure they pay attention, I will send through all petitions lodged here to Premier Newman so that he understands our parks are important too.

Reasons for signing

  • public green space is the people's land and should remain as such for future generations to enjoy.


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