To: Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Please sack Tony Abbott and his government.

Please sack Tony Abbott and his government.

Request the Governor General of Australia, Peter Cosgrove, sack Tony Abbott and his government.

Why is this important?

Tony Abbott is doing damage to this country, much of it irreparable, he is doing damage to our international reputation, damaging our relations with our regional neighbours and breaking international law in the process. He appears hell-bent on running this country into the ground for the sake of profits for his mates... He has failed to keep a single election promise (bar stopping the boats, and he has done that in the most abhorrent way), and has all but said "too bad, suck it up". The man and his posse are a real and present danger to the future of this country, he needs to go now!

Reasons for signing

  • Tony Abbott is not australian his policies are extremely UNAUSTRALIAN and he should NOT BE PM
  • Hopefully it's a good start for the end goal; to sack the lot of them and form a new type of Government.
  • Abbott should not only be sacked, he and his cabinet should be charged with crimes against humanity.


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