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To: Woolworths, Coles, IGA, and other major supermarkets

Plastic Bags for the environment

Plastic Bags for the environment

I am petitioning major supermarkets Australia wide to charge for plastic bags, and to use the funds collected from the sale of these bags to support local environmental awareness and environmental projects within the local communities.

Why is this important?

We are all bound and connected to our planet and our community. Unless we all look after what we have, our children will inherit a home destroyed by the short sighted actions of those who came before them. We are all custodians of this beautiful planet, and their is no time like the present to work towards preserving our beautiful countryside and environment. The overall aim is to make plastic bags and packaging a thing of the past. By supporting this initiative we hope to promote a more greener attitude within each community focused on preserving our home for future generations.

How it will be delivered

Traditional Media, email and social media

Reasons for signing

  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • plastic ruins the lives of thousands of australian animals and causes pollution
  • The enviornment ia i portan to me


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