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To: Shop Owners of Whaingaroa-Raglan

Plastic Bag Free Whaingaroa-Raglan

Plastic Bag Free Whaingaroa-Raglan

Dear Whaingaroa-Raglan Business Owners,

The Whaingaroa-Raglan community members are working to create a single-use plastic shopping bag free community. We are asking shop owners to step up and help us stand against one of the biggest plastic pollutants by limiting the distribution of single-use plastic bags in our town. Our goal is to have plastic bags removed from the shops, and a sustainable alternative put into place. We have signed this Letter of Support to let you know that we will continue to support your business through these changes.

Why is this important?

Single-use plastic shopping bags pose a major threat to our waterways and oceans, polluting our beaches and harming our sea life. We are known as ‘Raglan by the Sea’—It is up to us as a community to take a stand against single-use plastic shopping bags and do our part for the environment and the ocean at our doorstep.

Reasons for signing

  • Plastic bags don't go away. The best solution to stop their proliferation into our environment (esp. our seas) is to stop using them.. Single use plastic bags are inexcusable


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