To: Retailers and Council of Bondi Beach

Plastic Bag Free Bondi by 2016

Plastic Bag Free Bondi by 2016

Community, council and retailers are working together towards addressing environmental challenges in Bondi Beach.
Our goal is to make Bondi Beach plastic bag free by 2016!
Sign up and add your name to the growing group of Bondi Beach community members who believe that we should protect our environment and the oceans.

Why is this important?

Bondi is our beautiful home but with the thousands of tourists that descend on the beach over summer and the thousands of plastic bags that this brings, there is great danger of plastic bags going into our waterways and oceans, harming our bird and sea-life and polluting our beaches.
We need to take action and stop this from happening.


Reasons for signing

  • Let's set the good example for others to follow <3
  • The land and animals of this planet are worth way more to us than carrying a plastic bag!
  • The breakdown products of plastic bags is toxic and bio-accumulates in our oceans and in the animals living therein, and therefore in us as we consume them.


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