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Petition to improve Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA

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Karly Cousins
Petition to improve Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA

This petition is to help improve the Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA due to the increase in suicide and mental illnesses. This petition comes on the back of my facebook group "Petition for Mental Health services for the South Coast"(meaning the Fleurieu Peninsula). The overwhelming support and cry's for help from the group and the public has inspired me to make this state wide.
I have also had paper petitions with 6000 signatures put into The House of Representative(parliament house) without much response., but that will not stop me or my campaign to improve mental health services in rural and remote SA as well as my own area of the Fleurieu Peninsula.....

Why is this important?

With suicide becoming one of Australia's leading causes of death, something needs to change. The rate of suicide is rapidly increasing in rural and remote areas on a daily basis. And why? because the lack of resources and access to mental health services.

How it will be delivered

through the media.

Reasons for signing

  • I have suffered from depression for a long time and was fortunate enough to have a doctor who recognised the symptoms in me before I did. He saved my life
  • there needs to be more help available.
  • help is desperately needed


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