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To: Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority; NSW Education Standards Authority; South Australian Certificate of Education, Board of South Australia

Petition to defer the loss of the VCE for the Maltese Language (including HSC & SACE)

Petition to defer the loss of the VCE for the Maltese Language (including HSC & SACE)

The Australian Maltese Community, support the Federation of Maltese Language Schools Inc (Australia) in the following appeal:

1. That the VCAA, NESA and the SACE Board of SA defer the loss of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) accreditation for the Maltese language by 12 months to allow the Maltese community to rally to increase student enrolments.

2. That because of the low intake of students, the VCAA, NESA and SACE Board of SA allow both high school and adult students from other Australian states and territories to attend classes by correspondence and/or directly in order to sit for the Maltese VCE, HSC or SACE irrespective of their state or territory residence.

Why is this important?

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has informed the Maltese Australian community that the Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCAFL) National Reference Group has identified the Year 11 and Year 12 Maltese Continuers Course at risk of suspension due to its very small candidature in 2017. Should the final candidature in Maltese in 2018 and 2019 also fall below 15 students nationally, Maltese will be suspended following the 2021 examination. Therefore, Maltese would not be offered as a language subject in January 2022.

Our Maltese language in Australia is at risk of being suspended from the VCE. Please sign this online petition and share with your friends and families to help us keep the Maltese language course as a Board of Studies recognised course in Australia. If the Maltese VCE falls, so does the Maltese HSC and SACE, affecting NSW and SA.

How it will be delivered

This online petition is made on behalf of Akkademja Maltija ta' NSW Inc. in collaboration with the Maltese-Australians' Youth Committee NSW (MAYC) in support of the Federation of Maltese Language Schools Inc (Australia). We need as many signatures as we can get by midnight Sunday 31st March 2019. We will then send the signatures off to whom we are petitioning.

Reasons for signing

  • For the past 30 years in NSW, the Maltese Continuers course (HSC) has given Maltese Australians the opportunity (& right) to study their community language. This attainment of an accreditation in Maltese (the highest available in Australia) has proven to empower our multigenerational community, given that many have oracy skills in Maltese, and need to develop literacy skills. Il-Malti huwa l-lingwa taghna, l-wirt taghna u l-identita taghna. Huwa s-saghha taghna.
  • Cause Maltese language should never be forgotten, our children need to learn it.
  • It i important to keep alive the Maltese language and heritage in the Aus/Maltese community


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