To: Federal and Western Australian Governments

Pernalulu(Bungle Bungles) National Park is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site

Dear Ministers of Federal and Western Australian Governments, Pernalulu National Park is currently classified as a World Heritage Geological site when it should also be classified as a World Heritage Indigenous Art site, and as such this significant art should be protected, currently conditions are such that some works are rapidly deteriorating in areas near roads due to dust fallout. It is essential the indigenous leaders/owners of the Pernalulu National Park have access to the necessary resources to protect these areas of international human and indigenous history. We ask for the establishment of an Indigenous Cultural Centre to be built in the Pernalulu National Park (along the lines of the Brambruk Indigenous Centre in Gariwerd/The Grampians, Victoria), for the reaffirmation of indigenous culture in Pernalulu of its 20,000+ years of aboriginal occupation. Such a centre would guide the future preservation of rock art, determine areas of public availability, provide information about public sites with dual naming so that original stories are available, and create a database of rock art.
Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Treaty on Indigenous Rights and the current policies as regards Pernalulu National Park fail to address the protection of Australia's Indigenous Heritage. We ask that you immediately provide the necessary resources to the traditional owners for the care and protection of Pernalulu's rock art.

Why is this important?

Pernalulu is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site, numerous artworks are currently being allowed to fall into disrepair through inadequate protection policies. Failure to protect such artworks is not just a disservice to indigenous owners of the artwork but to all of mankind as these works are part of humanity's history as well. There was a world outcry when a large stone buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan was blown up, yet we remain silent over these 20,000+ year old paintings that are currently being destroyed. It is essential that policies are implemented to give the traditional owners the powers and resources to protect these precious artworks.