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To: Sunshine Coast Local Council and Counsellors

Pensioner Concessions Denied by Sunshine Coast Council

To recognize that their longstanding rate payers who have pensioners concessions for rate payments while living in their home, have them taken away when those same ageing rate payers move into leased apartments in retirement villages. They should look to the options given to them under the Queensland 2012 Local Government Regulations and follow the example of the Gold Coast City Council and allow rates concessions for non-homeowners .

Why is this important?

While living as a rate payer on the Sunshine Coast for 5 or many more years and reaching 65, and applying to the Council for rates concessions, they were granted if eligible. But then ageing further, it's found necessary to move into some assisted living accommodation in a nearby retirement village where the apartment is owned by the retirement scheme operator. The Council now says the pensioner is no longer eligible and stops the rates concessions. The council have in fact the power to opt in to granting the concessions if certain conditions, as outlined in the 2012 Queensland Government regulations, are adhered to. The Gold Coast City Council have a form (available over the internet) for non home owners to apply for the concessions as long as their retirement village scheme operator signs the form as well, guaranteeing the forwarding of the council concessions in full, to the permanent pensioner retirement village resident.


2016-03-16 12:04:14 +1100

Good follow up with letters to the editor in the Sunshine Coast Daily Mon 14th March. Articles appearing shortly in the Seniors paper and Peregian Springs Community News

2016-02-27 13:03:15 +1100

besides the 11 signatures gathered here we now have 140 more from our village

2016-02-25 22:51:51 +1100

10 signatures reached