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To: States and Territories politicians Now Abbott is providing the money through, they will be the target of our campaign

End the National Schools Chaplaincy Program

End the National Schools Chaplaincy Program

Please vote to cut funding to the chaplaincy program.

Why is this important?

There are many unqualified or minimally qualified chaplains working in schools. The guidelines state that they not allowed to seek to convert students nor engage them in counselling, however instances of both are widespread.The government has its priorities severely skewed in allocating $250 million for School Chaplains at the same time as cutting funding for truly effective programs. Employed by evangelical church organisations, Chaplains are unable to be advocates for the true interests of all students.

How it will be delivered

Ask supporters to write to MPs

Reasons for signing

  • School is about real education, learning skills needed for the future not indoctrination of our youth into a cult.
  • Proselytism by stealth
  • Teach children to be decent human beings without forcing religious beliefs on them.


2014-12-03 15:19:18 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2014-12-03 07:32:08 +1100

According to the new scheme, Chaplains must be "recognised through formal ordination, commissioning, recognised religious qualifications or endorsement by a recognised or accepted religious institution". There is already plenty of religious activity in Public and High schools. This criteria has nothing to do with student welfare

2014-12-02 14:43:36 +1100

Quoting Hugh Wilson on‎Stop the National School Chaplaincy Program facebook page
52 mins ·
As the new Victorian State Government takes on the running of the state, it might be helpful for Victorian residents who do not support the National School Chaplaincy Programme to write to both Premier and Education Minister to remind them of page 8 of the NSCP Agreement.
Under Part 6 - Governance Arrangements, Variation of the Agreement, point 25, it says:
"A Party to the Agreement may terminate their participation in the Agreement at any time by notifying all other Parties in writing."
How simple could that be?
Particularly doing it right now, before the schools close for the summer break.
No doubt the AEU, ACSSO - the peak P&C body as well as the Victorian branch of the AEU and the Victorian P&C organisation will be writing right now.

2014-09-03 16:00:07 +1000

School chaplain v social worker:

2014-07-31 13:11:39 +1000

Really positive things happening in Victorian State Schools

2014-07-03 13:52:16 +1000

There are currently no guidelines or restrictions on what Chaplains can do.

2014-07-01 21:16:34 +1000

George Brandis ignores his own insights into chaplains ruling

Read more:

2014-06-24 17:50:55 +1000

Here's a link to a list of all federal MPs and their email addresses

2014-06-24 17:44:28 +1000

The Federal Government has gifted $37 million to NSCP providers that will cover costs from now until December 2014.
If you are not happy about this Federal Government gift, especially in light of the alleged budget crisis, then please email your federal government representatives to let them know.

2014-06-23 22:24:35 +1000

500 signatures reached

2014-06-23 21:12:28 +1000

Ron spells out what's what about the Chaplaincy scheme in 1 min 21 sec

2014-06-23 21:07:30 +1000

The ALP has just released a statement saying they'll only support a Chaplains scheme that includes welfare workers. This is the policy they implemented under Peter Garrett's watch when he was Minister for Schools.
This is unsatisfactory for two reasons - 1) it still puts minimally trained people in contact with vulnerable students and 2) 80% are chaplains anyway and sourced from evangelical organisations.
Nevertheless, it puts the ALP on a collision course with the government. It is crucial that we keep informing key politicians as the way forward for the scheme is still unclear after the High Court win.

2014-06-20 12:15:57 +1000

In the light of Ron William's successful High Court challenge, it's time to renew calls for this program to be scrapped