To: NSW Government

NSW Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2012

The directors of the Injury Support Network Inc ( ISN ), on behalf of all workers in NSW, past, present and future, injured or not, seek a review of this Amendment Act, and it's consequences for society. The directors of ISN request an urgent meeting with Barry O'Farrell, and Greg Pearce, to provide answers to our previous inquiries as to what this legislation is. No one seems to know, while approx 25,000 current injured workers in NSW, are about to be abandoned by the NSW Gov't and forced onto Federal Newstart and Medicare. The majority of workers, injured in the future, will be sent the same way, asap. I am a former advisor to Greg Pearce, March 2012 until July 2012, when these evil laws were enacted, and advisors were sacked. In Feb 2012, when I met with Greg Pearce MP, he said to me, in the presence of Leslie Williams MP that "WorkCover is a basket case that can't be fixed ". Instead of attempting to fix it, he has legislated that it can be a basket case. This legislation discriminates on the basis of employment, occupation and disability.

Why is this important?

All injured workers in NSW, past, present and future are now subject to the most evil injury law. The NSW Gov't has taken away your right to diagnosis, medical care, treatment, rehab and legal advice. Any injury advised to WorkCover will be assigned a case manager of an insurance co. This case manager, often 17 years old, and about to be calling you from India, will have absolute discretion. Their decisions are binding. WorkCover will decide if you can have free legal advice, where you will be assigned 1 of only 250 lawyers left in the scheme. Otherwise you will have to pay. Any appeal about your capacity to work, must be taken to the Supreme Court, at your own cost. You will be dumped on the dole and medicare.
Business will not employ you because you have been injured. ISN has met with the NSW Business Chamber, as well as regional chambers, and confirmed.
We call on the people of NSW to assist in this urgent campaign.
We ask that you visit, email, facebook,twitter and/or phone your State MP, WorkCover, Insurer, Centrelink, Business chamber , Union, GP, employer, colleagues, family and friends. Ask if they know of these amendments. Anything would be helpful. Everyone in NSW is affected by this legislation. Families are breaking up, people are living in cars, all because they went to work and were injured. Homelessness and suicide in NSW is about to rise rapidly. This is a statewide call to assist. Please encourage as many as possible to sign our petition and visit for more info.

How it will be delivered

We will take our petition to Parliament

Reasons for signing

  • I have recently been dumped by my employer how can this happen I was injured at work the problem has not gone away! cant work
  • to fight for our right to compensation