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To: The Hon. Jillian Skinner MP, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, The Hon Mark Butler MP,

NSW Graduate Nurses say 'Give us jobs'

NSW Graduate Nurses say 'Give us jobs'

Please budget for enough new graduate RN jobs for all nursing graduates to complete their training. Don't short change them or patient safety.

Why is this important?

Having enough new graduate RN positions to employ all nursing graduates is very important, ensure that there is enough staff in acute health care hospitals. Chronic staff shortages compromise patient safety, and effects public perception in our public and private health care system.
Giving our new graduate RN nurses a chance assures public trust in our public health system.
" ...Only half of the nurses that graduated in South Australia last year [2012] have been employed, only 30% of nurses in Tasmania, and as few as 10% in Queensland."

Nursing graduates in other states have the same problem... NO JOBS. (data from independent Nursing Review, March 2013)

The ANMF asks graduates, students, nurses, midwives, carers, and members of the community to sign this petition please.

We need graduates to be in work, developing clinical skills and gaining specialist knowledge to replace the nurses that we will lose quickly in coming years as the baby boom retires.

Meeting appropriate ratios of nurses per patient has numerous benefits... starting with less patient deaths!
In summary, we've got an underlying shortage of Aussie nurses that's getting worse, with graduate nurses making huge sacrifices to get qualified, at a large cost to them & the country, who then can't get jobs.

It needs to change! Now!

Please sign our petition calling on the Government to fund more jobs for graduate nurses, & SHARE to keep the heat on this critical issue for nursing graduates, the profession, and the health of the public.

There’s more information and comments by nursing graduates on our Facebook Page

How it will be delivered

It will be delivered both electronically and in person.

Reasons for signing

  • not enough nurses, too much stress and too many competent nurses not getting a fair go!
  • Why has this petition been addressed to federal Labor party MPs and not the federal health. minister, and only the NSW Health Minister? Could it please be addressed to those in government as well as the opposition - to make a change all state health ministers and shadow health spokesmen/women should be addressed. I will be most unhappy to find that this a political stunt, as it seems to be at this point. This has been a long-term problem under BOTH parties.
  • There is not enough new graduate position for us, we have been studied for 3 years, we worked hard and studied hard. We have spend lots of time and money to study, we only need a chance for the new graduate nurse. Every job advisement require post graduate experience, we have knowledge and skills, we just don't have enough experience! This is not fair to us!


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