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To: Bega Valley Shire Councillors

No Woolworths in Bermagui

Please Councillors oppose the DA by Woolworths to come to Bermagui. As you know we have a small population, our little coastal village has high unemployment Woolworths will not fill this gap as it knocks our local Family Businesses out of town. The writing is on the wall if Woolworths comes to town

Why is this important?

Bermagui is a ambiant little sleepy seaside village, our population is under 2000 and, we have small local family businesses here and a Foodworks, we don't need any more supermarkets, Our existing businesses find it hard to survive during the off season as it is. Having a Woolworths in town would destroy them, and the whole look of our town. The rate payers will be paying for all the infrastructure needed to bring their trucks in and widen the roads. Why would we want them to come into our village and kill our local businesses?

Reasons for signing

  • I am a visitor to bermagui and the absence of larger corperations is a key reason for holidaying there. As a young family in a major city we are exposed to companies like Woolworths all the time and it is nice to escape from them occasionally. I am not an objector to large companies but am to the upheaval of small business and local community. There surely is no gain for Woolworths but a few pennies and a muddied name.
  • Bermagui's character and appeal to residents and visitors alike derive from its individuality, its quirky local businesses, the fact that it is NOT a bland corporate wasteland that you can find anywhere. It is utter delusion that a company bent on eliminating jobs in its own stores and destroying competition from other businesses will create employment.
  • Small local businesses, run by locals,that deal in local produce,are what a sustainable future is all about. Not an offensive greedy corporation, selling inferior imported produce at exorbitant prices !!


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Monday the 5th May at ^OClock there will be a public meeting in the Bermagui Community Centre so Bermagui residents can find out whats going on.