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To: Department of Planning - Major Projects

No To Wallarah 2 Coal Mine!

No To Wallarah 2 Coal Mine!

Dear Minister Stokes
Please do not approve the amended Development Application lodged by Wyong Areas Coal Joint Venture in July 2016 to develop a massive underground coal mine on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales.

Why is this important?

It has been shown that the mine will significantly effect the underground water flow within the Dooralong Valley. It will interfere with endangered species including the Charmhaven Crabapple and squirrel gliders in the area. It will cause significant noise and dust penetration to the nearby residential property of Blue Haven (less than 300 metres from the coal conveyor system and coal loading facility). It places at risk significant commercial enterprises being developed by other land owners in the immediate area and it removes both legal and actual access to a number of privately owned land holdings.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop the bastards!
  • Excess damage to our water supply...... Noise & pollution to our every day lives... Giving our resourses to other countries means higher electricity costs for us ... they are taking us for suckers thanks to our dumb pollies.....
  • this mine is not good for the Wyong region, it will ruin our water supply.


2016-08-30 23:00:34 +1000

Don't forget everyone you must lodge your objection to Wallarah 2's amended Development Application before COB on Monday, 5 September 2016! Just follow the link below!

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500 signatures reached

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Please note that public meeting is being held TOMORROW
Thursday, 18 August - at 11am at Blue Haven Community Centre (Colorado Drive). David Harris, Member for Wyong, will speak to residents on the problem of coal dust and noise from the W2 conveyor and loader. We need as many people as possible to attend.
It's 11am to suit the Media, so please attend if you can, we need the numbers to show concern.

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