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To: State Victorian Government

No to an airport in Koo Wee Rup

Deny the proposal of the Koo Wee Rup Airport
Relocate to another area that can better service Victorians

Why is this important?

The draining of the Great Swamp produced some of Victoria's and Australia's highest quality soil, rich in nutrients.
The development of an airport, the increase in traffic and the pollution which will follow puts at jeopardy the ability to utilize this land appropriately.
Reducing the betterment and better health of all Australians.
Currently there are significant infrastructure restraints in the area causing complete grid lock over any long weekend, with even mild increased traffic towards Phillip Island and Gippsland areas.
Whilst the structure of the project has been sold to Victorians as a great deal with a foreign company funding construction, it is they who will be distributed all incomes, whilst all tax paying Victorians will be forced to pay the infrastructure bill to develop functioning roads to this service.
This will create a huge tax burden for all Victorians whilst only servicing what currently stands as 250,000 Gippslandians.
Putting further financial burdens on local residents to prepare current houses for additional requirements necessary for being approximately 7 minutes from the airport and decreasing value of the properties.
The government has been urging residents to move further out of the city to manage the housing crisis and when Victorians choose to do this to enjoy the country they then decide to propose an airport that will take away everything we love about living further out. The night sky and stars are part of this and an airport being this close will take that away.
The impact on the local wildlife and whether they will be able to reproduce moving into the future.
Please help us tell the Government to rethink this plan and relocate it to a more appropriate area.

Reasons for signing

  • Haven't we lost enough fertile farming land?
  • All the reasons on this petition & we don't need an airport down here!


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