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To: Randwick City Council

'NO' to 11 room boarding house at 213 Bunnerong Rd Maroubra 2035

'NO' to 11 room boarding house at 213 Bunnerong Rd Maroubra 2035

Dear Randwick City Council

On behalf of local residents, we ask that you REJECT DA/237/2017 for the 11 room boarding house proposed for 213 Bunnerong Rd Maroubra 2035.

Why is this important?

1) DA for a 3 storey boarding house containing 11 boarding rooms - potential accomodation for 22 people.

2) PARKING: only 3 parking spots are included. This is not adequate for the number of proposed residents. Parking is already at capacity on Eastmore Place.

3) CONGESTION: additional cars entering and exiting Eastmore Place is a safety issue, and additional vehicle movements pose a risk. Eastmore Place is still technically a laneway, and access is very narrow and does not allow for two cars to enter and exit without difficulty.

4) SECURITY & COMMUNITY SAFETY: Eastmore Place is a family oriented suburban area, with 20+ young children residing on the immediate block. The proposed boarding house has the potential to erode the existing character of the zone through cumulative social effects.

Reasons for signing

  • Traffic congestion
  • Boarding houses and the itinerent workers and students they attract will add substantially to dumped waste and the cost of removal will be born not by them but the community that council should seek to protect.
  • Putting a 11 room boarding house in this lane way will only increase loitering by people that have no place there , there is no parking as it is.


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