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To: MP's and Mayor

No Tip at Arthurs Seat

To whom it may concern,
Please stop this Tip nonsense at Arthurs Seat. It is the most beautiful, natural park and a tip would shatter so many locals that use this area daily! I live very close to the state park and use it almost every day to run I would be extremely disappointed if it was turned into a disgusting tip!
Why don't you put it 3 mins away near the industrial area? Or make Rye tip bigger?
I'm not sure you understand how many people love Arthurs Seat it is such an important part of the Peninsula! Please don't ruin it!!!

Why is this important?

It is such an amazing, pristine and beautiful part of the Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife. I know so many people that use Arthurs Seat on a daily basis and it would devastate so many locals (including the animals) if it was turned into a stinky tip!

Reasons for signing

  • Concerns about the lining being impervious to toxic waste which would leach into the subsoil
  • value the environment and why so close to residential area
  • Tips smell very bad!


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