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To: Victoria parliamentarians, Federal politicians, banks, stock market

No New Coal Bacchus Marsh - Moorabool Environment Group

Dear Minister

Please put a stop to any further brown coal exploration of the valuable farming land and farming community of Bacchus Marsh. We want no open cut brown coal mine at Bacchus Marsh or anywhere else within the Moorabool Shire. Stop the drilling now.

Why is this important?

The proposal is for open cut brown coal mining and drying (using a technique not yet successfully attempted on a commercial scale) then transporting to Geelong for shipping to India. We are against this open cut mine for a number of reasons; just three: brown coal is the dirtiest way of producing electricity and adds to greenhouse gases, the farm land threatened is needed for the production of food and there are heath risks associated with an open cut coal mine close to Bacchus Marsh.

Reasons for signing

  • Environment issue
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2016-06-23 17:51:56 +1000

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