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To: Warrnambool City Council

No more cover ups: Rolf Harris mural must go

This campaign has ended.

No more cover ups: Rolf Harris mural must go

To permanently erase the mural by convicted child sex offender Rolf Harris that is currently hidden by black Perspex at the Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool, and replace it with a mural by a local artist.

Why is this important?

We consider the decision to only cover up this mural an inadequate response to survivors of sexual abuse, particularly in light of the recent cases against Harvey Weinstein and Don Burke that have demonstrated victims will no longer be silenced by the fame or creative talent of the perpetrator.
We believe for the WCC to continue to cover up this mural is also at odds with its commendable support for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (#16Days), the White Ribbon campaign and the recent adoption of its Child Safe policy.
To erase this mural by a convicted sex offender sends a strong message that Warrnambool will not tolerate sexual abuse – by anybody.

Reasons for signing

  • We need to heed the recent Royal Commissions findings, this means supporting victims and families of victims. The removal of this 'art' would be a clear demonstration. Action not just words... imagine being a performer, technician, usher, producer etc and arriving at the theatre only to discover this hidden art piece exists, potentially triggering their past trauma...
  • This mural shouldn't be hidden, it should be permanently removed because it is a symbol of Rolf Harris and the sexual abuse he inflicted upon society's most vulnerable. I fully support this campaign and all that it stands for.
  • There needs to be strong message that sexual abuse will not be tolerated


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