No Maccas in the Hills

Withdraw the planning approval for McDonalds in Tecoma

Why is this important?

The building site is on a corner in small local strip-shopping area opposite a Primary school, where the highway narrows to one lane. Golden Arches will appear at the highway entrance to the Dandenongs, and gone, due to the economic giant, will be our loved bakery, local coffee shop, and the small stores that depend on the local thro traffic.
What message does this send to school children, fries with everything?
Maccas lost out in Belgrave, let's stop them again.

Reasons for signing

  • Its not about a Hamburger Joint its about the fundamental building blocks of Democracy that are undermined by Corporations that have arrived at a point where they feel they are more powerful than local communities that express opposition to their expansionist corporate plans.
  • Any community is entitled to have an input into the nature of the development that occurs in their area. They are, after all the people who have to live with its repercussions if they are negative. I'm sure the CEOs of McDonalds live in leafy, wealthy areas where such developments would be unthinkable! If the local residents are opposed to the plan it should not proceed.
  • We don't need or want this in the hills, VCAT what were you thinking?