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To: Chief Minister Gunner and Ken Vowles MLA

No fracked gas pipeline through the Northern Territory

No fracked gas pipeline through the Northern Territory

Dear Minister, please don't approve a dangerous fracked gas pipeline through the NT.

Why is this important?

The NT is a beautiful place, full of thriving cultures and communities. But right now, the NT government has plans to build a massive gas pipeline, cutting through sacred country, to pump fracked gas from unapproved wells across the Territory.

Traditional Owners, Aboriginal Station Owners and community members have voiced their opposition to this project over and over again, and voted for NT Labor on their promise to slow down fracking.

How can you approve a giant pipeline for fracking projects that haven't been approved, and when you supposedly have a moratorium on fracking?!

Reasons for signing

  • Fracken is no good for anybody or animals who relies on clean water.
  • The Artesian Basin with all its ancient, crystal clear water will, NOT IF, will be polluted if Fracking goes ahead. It is shown to be this is the USA according to somebody we know who use to work in the industry. Look at a map of Texas and see the terrible damage to land around San Antonio. In a drought stricken country we do not need this water sucking technology industrialising and poisoning such beautiful country which has been cared for by our First Nation people for millennia.
  • I can't help but wonder if fracking causes SINKHOLES. Also my major concern is POLLUTION TO UNDERGROUND WATER. Who knows where and what damage may be caused. What about our Artesean Basin Water


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