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To: Queensland State Government

Protect Queensland's National Parks

Protect Queensland's National Parks
NPAQ calls on the QLD Government to:

• Remove cattle grazing from Queensland National Parks

• Protect National Parks from high impact recreation

• Prohibit resort construction on National Park land

• Expand National Park coverage beyond 5%

Why is this important?

70% of Queenslanders visited a National Park in the past 12 months.

This means over 3.2 million of us explored, experienced and enjoyed what our beautiful state has to offer.

Yet disappointingly Queensland has the smallest allocation of land to National Parks of any Australian State - just 4.8%.

Our National Park land provides habitat and protects a rich variety of plants, animals and landscapes that make Queensland unique - and it's under threat.

Imagine racing tracks, 4 wheel driving, commercial development and cattle grazing throughout our forests and protected land.

All this the Queensland Government has in store, and the plans are in motion.

Unless we voice opposition these changes, they will continue. Our great challenge is to take a stand and protect Queensland's National Parks:

We're not just protecting our land and native flora and fauna, we're protecting our tourism industry, clean air, fresh water, and most of all, we're protecting the future of Queensland.

Keep Queensland special today, and for the generations to come.

Sign the online petition and voice your opposition to the QLD Government's abuse of our National Parks!

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Reasons for signing

  • I feel strongly that National Parks should be protected and to see grazing going on in Warro NP, next to my property and what damage is being done, I feel I have to get involved and see what I can do to help.
  • National Parks are an important part of our future as a more eco-friendly society. We are pushing toward green energy and sustainable living, but we cannot hope to have these things without saving our ecosystems and environment as well. The Biosphere is one of the most important aspects of our Earth, in fact, it is where we came from. Humans cannot survive on this planet without the help of our fellow species, but to survive they need our help.
  • Lets give something back to nature instead of destroying these finite natural beauties..


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