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To: Southern Cross University Executive

No Business In Abuse: Southern Cross University

No Business In Abuse: Southern Cross University

We the undersigned, as concerned members of your community, call on Southern Cross University to decline to contract Wilson Security while it continues to profit from abuse.
By signing this petition, we:

1. Endorse the No Business in Abuse pledge, declaring that we will only support corporations, institutions and organisations that refuse to support or profit from abusive practices towards people seeking asylum. A corporation that is not abusive is one which:

– Has zero tolerance for child abuse;
– Respects people's fundamental rights to freedom from arbitrary and indefinite detention;
– Does not treat people in a cruel, inhumane or degrading manner;
– Commits to transparency and independent monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld.

2. Call on Southern Cross University to endorse the No Business in Abuse pledge and take concrete steps to ensure that they do not engage in business relationships with Wilson Security or Broadspectrum, the corporations known to be complicit in gross human abuses occurring in Australia’s offshore detention camps.

Why is this important?

Wilson Security is SCU’s current security contractor. But security at SCU is now out to public tender. Tendering closes end of March and a decision on which company to hire is expected by mid-May.

Corporations are paid billions to do the government's dirty work in offshore detention camps – but they rely on other income streams as well, including contracts with organisations like universities all around Australia. Our educational institutions need to refuse to contract with these corporations until they stop profiting from abuse.

Australia’s system of mandatory detention, particularly in offshore detention camps, has consistently proven to be abusive and violate fundamental human rights. But the same corporations that make a profit providing essential services to these cruel camps also maintain business relationships with other corporations and with organisations like universities, local councils and hospitals across Australia.

No respectable institution should associate with corporations complicit in such a system of abuse.

Broadspectrum and its security subcontractor, Wilson Security, are contracted to provide services central to the operation of Australia's offshore detention camps in Manus Island and Nauru. Together they have been paid billions for their work in the camps - the sites of gross and ongoing human rights violations, physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

In a recent report, No Business in Abuse established Broadspectrum and Wilson Security’s complicity in abuses violating 47 international laws. Broadspectrum’s own records indicate that since 2012 there has been a major or critical incident of self-harm reported on average every four days and a serious incident of sexual assault reported on average every four months, in the Nauru camp alone.

These are the same corporations that hold lucrative contracts with universities and other organisations across Australia.

Tens of thousands of Australians have pledged not to associate ourselves with corporations that profit from abusive practices towards people seeking asylum in Australia.

We believe that every individual, every corporation and every institution has a responsibility to respect human rights. Our universities are important institutions in our communities, and should take this responsibility seriously - to lead by example in encouraging responsible business practices and adherence to human rights.

You can read the full text of the No Business In Abuse Report here:


Reasons for signing

  • Wilson have been implicated in numerous cases of rape and child abuse on Nauru. They have no place on a university campus.
  • No one should profit from the detention of innocent people. It's a human right to seek asylum. SCU needs to take an active stance against this.
  • #Not in my name


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