To: National Disability Insurance Scheme / Federal Government

NDIS: Stop underfunding children with disabilities!

NDIS: Stop underfunding children with disabilities!

Recent trends in NDIS funding of children with significant disabilities are disturbing!

NDIS is ignoring specialists and doctors recommendations and Australian kids are going without treatment and support.

Why is this important?

Our children are Australia's future. NDIS is causing heartbreak and pain to families with children who have disabilities and no treatment.

Children living with autism are not being given a proper chance to receive adequate early intervention that can change their future.

Children with terminal illness that require overnight or 24 hour support have been left without help.

It is a sad indictment on a society if they cannot take care of their most vulnerable children.

We choose to speak for these kids and demand the NDIS give them a fair go!

We will NOT stand by while the Australian government steals our children's futures! We stand united with parents of children with any disabilities that the NDIA is neglecting.

Reasons for signing

  • The Government wants our kids to to be vaccinated so they should step up and pay the costs of the overwhelming numbers of autistic children to receive the help that they so deserve.
  • Therapy/treatment improves a child and their family's future dramatically in a positive direction.
  • If the NDIS is not providing proper and realistic support, what good is it? Seems like it has been crafted to suit the more articulate and intellectually-abled and those with massive support systems in the disability community while abandoning those who cannot negotiate the overwhelming gulf between abled and disabled. This inequity must be redressed.


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