To: The Australian and Canadian Governments

ASBESTOS Worldwide condemnation of Canadian reopening of mining and export of asbestos.

ASBESTOS Worldwide condemnation of Canadian reopening of mining and export of asbestos.

Demand that the Canadian Government rescind their recent loan guarantee of $CAN58 million which would have enabled the Jeffrey Mine to continue production and export of deadly asbestos.

ASBESTOS KILLS! This campaign is the Voice for victims of asbestos whose lives have been lost to an asbestos related disease (ARD), their family and friends and for all living with an ARD and the innocent victims who will be diagnosed in the future due to no fault of their own! I am a victim of asbestos, having been diagnosed with peritoneal AND pleural mesothelioma cancer. My father died of this aggressive and painful mesothelioma at age 54. With this petition it is our hope to prevent further worldwide deaths and suffering caused by asbestos.

The Jeffrey Mine and the nearby Thetford Mine were Canada’s last two operating asbestos mines. Their closures marked the first time in 130 years that Canada, which once dominated world production, had suspended production of the mineral. Latest available figures showed Canada exported 750,000 tons of asbestos in 2006.

India, Indonesia and the Philippines, among others, have been major importers of Canadian asbestos. The fibrous crystal mineral is primarily used as building insulation because of its sound absorption and resistance to fire, heat and electrical damage but exposure to it can cause lung inflammation and cancer, particularly mesothelioma.

Why is this important?

On Friday 30 June 2012 the Canadian Government announced that it had approved massive funding to reopen the Jeffrey mine, one of Canada’s last asbestos mines, assuring exports of the fireproofing and insulating fibers for another 20 years.

No asbestos is safe! I am one of these victims - I have mesothelioma in linings of peritoneum and pleura! My father died of this horrible aggressive and very painful cancer.
I would like a joint rally across Australia in aid of Australia showing Canada that this is not on.
The World Health Organisation estimates asbestos exposure causes more than 107,000 preventable deaths around the world each year.

Created by Lou Williams, Information and Awareness Officer at the Bernie Banton Foundation - Australia.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures to this petition in person to the Australian Government Minister for Health and the Consul General of Canada in Australia.
And present our petition signatures to Linda Reinstein, CEO of The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization ADAO in America to present to United Nation Sec.General as a united global front that gives the message THERE IS NO SAFE ASBESTOS!

Reasons for signing

  • No one should have to lose a loved one to the pain of mesothelioma.
  • it is no secret, there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos!
  • I suffer greatly from asbestosis and asthma!