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NAB and CEO Andrew Thorburn - Return This Pensioner his Money

NAB and CEO Andrew Thorburn - Return This Pensioner his Money

This gentleman Wynyard pensioner Brian Tipler had $25,000 deposited through the public trustee into the National Australia Bank. His local MP Justine Keay had managed to find evidence of this. The bank closed his account without notice and confiscated his funds. The CEO Andrew Thorburn refuses to reply to him and the NAB refuses to return his money.

The NAB made a $5.7 billion profit last year: 2017

Please immediately return this Gentlemans $25,000 with interest of $10,000.

Why is this important?

Ordinary Australians deserve to have trust in the banks and their lifelong savings protected. Do the right thing and have a moral conscience National Australia Bank

Reasons for signing

  • My parents were ripped off by the Banks. They were migrants and pensioners. It was carried out under the State Trustees. ie Public Trustees. I took it to the Ombudsman but to no avail - finding out later that the person I dealt with was an ex-State Trustee. I urge anyone who has any monies with the State Trustees (Vic) to take it out immediately. Just google State Trustees Victoria and read the reports on their wrongdoings. I wish there was a Royal Commission into them.


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