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To: Premier Mike Baird

Move Packer's Casino off Barangaroo's public parkland

Move Packer's Casino off Barangaroo's public parkland

Dear Premier Baird,
Please consider Barangaroo's original vision of a parkland with some commercial interests. The giant tower for a Casino is not only at odds with the idea of a people's park, but it is taking away significant public land (not to mention prime harbour foreshore) to do it. Do not let this generation destroy the city for future generations. Move the Casino, keep the park.

Why is this important?

Barangaroo was proposed as a people's park to enjoy, combining some commercial development with a public park on the western edge of the City on the Harbour.
James Packer's proposed 275m Casino/hotel and apartment tower is being built on public land 30m from the harbour's edge.
We have to make a FINAL stand against this monster building or the original vision of Barangaroo as a place for the people of Sydney to enjoy will be lost forever. At no stage of the process has any planning authority given the green light to its being built in OUR park. It can and should be relocated into the "built" section of Barangaroo, leaving the harbourside park for the people. And not to mention saving our iconic skyline from this monster. Sydney people are angry but mostly silent. Please tell the State Government we do not want our parkland used for an awful, shadow-casting Casino. Once that land is gone, it is gone forever. There are other places within Barangaroo to house a six star Casino, without grabbing our parklands. COME ON SYDNEY Please save Barangaroo.

Reasons for signing

  • This isn't in my electorate but this is one of Australia's and the world's premier sites that was promised and planned as parkland. There is already a casino nearby. No more environmental, planning, social, cultural and planning disasters. Slimy dodgy political, overdeveloping hands off harbourside public parkland. There is already enough in this precinct.
  • 'Public' parkland, should able to be 'Packer' procured...
  • Having worked next to the Star casino I am aware of the sleaze and filth this sort of enterprise attracts. Let's not add more low life to this lovely city.


2016-05-04 18:42:35 +1000

Elizabeth Farrelly sums up the disastrous environmental, cultural and community decisions Sydney's future generations will inherit :(

2016-05-03 06:52:29 +1000

Make some noise Sydney!! Three people get to decide whether Packer keeps his casino on our park land. And according to the SMH, odds on that they will.

2016-05-02 08:29:40 +1000

What an utterly inept process. Only public pressure can help now. Please share!

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