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To: The Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt



We, the citizens of Australia, urge you to

1. Adopt the Zero Carbon Australia plan for twelve major solar plants and over twenty wind power installations across Australia, as designed and fully costed by Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute.

2. Begin construction of a baseload solar thermal power plant at Port Augusta, SA.

Why is this important?

The Greenhouse Effect is a fact of life on our planet. Without it we would all be freezing! But as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels and pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, in spite of the ups and downs and even pauses in the temperature rise, the earth will inevitably go on warming. The vagaries of weather will still exist, but weather is not climate. If we wait until everybody can feel it, it will be too late.

Climate change is continuing. Sea levels are already causing salinisation of water supplies in low-lying countries. Extreme weather events are more frequent. The ocean is becoming more acid, threatening all sea life, not only coral reefs. Animal extinction rates are critical. The ranges of disease carrying insects are extending.

Climate scientists say we now have little chance of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees above the pre-industrial. A 3 degrees hotter world is a recipe for calamity. We need to act decisively now for the sake of all future generations.

What do most Australians want ? To keep on burning dirty, polluting coal ? Or to move to renewable energy using our abundant solar and wind resources ? With solar energy rapidly overhauling coal in terms of cost, and with the proven technologies of concentrating solar thermal power plants [eg., in China, USA and Spain], Australia could be a world leader in clean energy, and coal-fired power plants finally a thing of the past.

“I believe Australia’s great resource of sunlight should be the opportunity for the country to lead the world in exploiting this renewable energy.” – David Suzuki

For a synopsis or free download of the fully costed design Zero Carbon Australia 2020 by Beyond Zero Emissions and The University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute visit


Reasons for signing

  • I watched a documentary called 'chasing coral' which made me look into the percentage of renewable energy in Australia. I am disgusted. Let's move closer to 100% renewable energy Australia! Individuals should also be more conciuos of there carbon footprint.
  • do not sell us your dirty fuel and make your money somewhere alse
  • Why not do something right for the environment instead of taking the easy and capitalist way...


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