To: Randwick City Council

More Trees Needed to Compensate For the Loss of Randwicks Historical Trees

More Trees Needed to Compensate For the Loss of Randwicks Historical Trees

Dear Randwick City Council,
We have been researching into the upcoming CBD - South-East Sydney Light Rail, our results concluded two main points; people think that the light rail is a very good idea, it will make the traffic less and it will make catching public transport much easier. Though the main issue raised is the trees that are being cut down to make the light rail happen.

We are supportive of upcoming light rail, we are not trying to stop the project, however, we are concerned about the removal of trees, and how well the council is going to compensate for the loss of such trees. If the Minister of Transport, Andrew Constance is not willing to change the route, we rely on the Randwick City Council to increase the number of trees that they are planting to compensate for the loss of our historical trees.

We understand that for Sydney, as a city, its public transport needs to improve, these trees will need to go, all we ask is that for every tree cut down 10 trees should be planted. We understand that the council cannot change much in the route of the light rail, but you can plant more trees.

Why is this important?

Some of these trees date back to the late 1800s and provide important habitat for native birds and wildlife.
Local Sydneysiders are outraged, many have participated in protests and marches trying to stop the trees being cut down, or even stop the light rail as a whole.

"Nothing makes Sydney more beautiful than trees, especially the large old ones. I don't understand why simply putting in more buses wouldn't be a more logical, cheaper and greener solution." Silviu Dobrota 23/02/2016

"It's sad that we have to forgo the trees. Especially the ones over 100 years old! They have same right to be on this planet as we do." JK Blackwell 15/02/2016