To: Senator Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport

More Funding for Taekwondo

More Funding for Taekwondo

Dear Minister,

We note your recent announcements concerning Australian sports funding.

We believe the current funding for Taekwondo is inadequate.

We petition you to increase funding for our prospective Olympic representatives who compete in Taekwondo. We are asking you to support our international players and our potential Olympians by allocating a million dollars to the elite Taekwondo program.

Taekwondo has a very large number of players in Australia and a million dollars is a relatively small investment in such an important national and international sport.

There are over 80 million Taekwondo players worldwide and over 200 countries are eligible to send athletes to the Taekwondo World Championships and Olympic games. It is a truly international sport and since the Sydney Olympics (Lauren Byrnes - Gold, Daniel Trenton - Silver), Australian athletes have performed extremely well.

We ask the government to properly fund our athletes to enable them to develop and properly prepare for World Championships, International tournaments and the Olympic games.

We await your favourable response.

Alan Powrie BA LLB FTIA CTA and others.

Why is this important?

This is an important message to Senator Kate Lundy, The Minister of Sport seeking proper levels of funding for Australia's prospective Olympic representatives in Taekwondo.

Reasons for signing

  • The youth is our future - talent and hard work should always be praised!
  • To help those who have the talent
  • Hard work and commitment need to be rewarded.