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To: Equinor

Stay Away! Equinor! Mirning Peoples SAY NO mining!

Stay Away! Equinor! Mirning Peoples SAY NO mining!

Equinor are not welcomed to mine for oil in the Great Australian Bight!
Our beautiful South Australian coast is to beautiful to ruin!
The Great Australian Bight is OFF LIMITS!! Stay Away Equinor!

Why is this important?

This place ....the Great Australian Bight is very important to the Aboriginal Mirning Tribe in South Australia. Our dream time story comes from this wonderful coast! My grandmothers ancestors grew up along this wonderful untouched pristine coast!
We have to give a voice to whales and many other wonderful sea creatures that inhabit along this coast!
An oil spill will destroy the coast of Australia for many years to come!
We can't risk our ocean!

Reasons for signing

  • We can't risk the lives of our beautiful whales...and all the sea creatures in our ocean! Equinor....your not welcomed!
  • Sick of these mining companies destroying our country