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To: Peter Dutton

Ministerial intervention

Ministerial intervention

Intervene to ensure that a family visitors visa is issued to my sister-in-law, so she can provide much needed family support to us in caring for our new born twins.

Why is this important?

An application to sponsor Assiatou Diallo was made by her brother Thierno Diallo to visit Australia for 6 months & assist in caring for her twin niece & nephew. The twins were born in January 2018 & spent 4 weeks in hospital due to their very small size and poor weight gain. They continue to struggle with weight gain & their mother has been suffering with post natal depression. With no other family support available in Australia, they gratefully accepted Assiatou’s offer to assist. However the application for a family visitors visa was promptly refused as it was determined that there was not adequate incentive for Assiatou to return to her country at the end of her stay. It was furthermore determined that having a husband & family remaining in Guinea was not adequate incentive to return. While the decision maker at department of foreign affairs could have requested a bond as surety of Assiatou returning to Guinea, this was not requested. Instead the visa was refused outright and this family of Australian citizens are left without support in caring for 2 vulnerable babies. On the basis of the rationale provided by Department of Foreign Affairs, none of Thierno’s family will ever be able to visit him in Australia.


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