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Minister Frydenberg, revoke Adani's environmental approvals #FrydoStopAdani

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Leigh Naunton
Minister Frydenberg, revoke Adani's environmental approvals #FrydoStopAdani

Dear Minister Frydenberg
Please reverse the environmental approval for the dirty Adani coal mine, to help save the Reef and reduce global warming. You have the power!
Under section 145 of the Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act, you have the power to revoke this mine approval if you believe it will result in a significant impact on the Great Barrier Reef that was not identified when the approval was granted in 2015.

Why is this important?

This is critical to help save the Great Barrier Reef and reduce global warming from the burning of fossil fuels, in this case poor quality thermal coal from the massive planned Adani mine, which if in Melbourne would extend from Broadmeadows in the north to Carrum down the bayside . This cause is the environmental fight of our times for Australia. if Adani is blocked, the massive low-quality coal deposits in the Galilee basin may never be able to be mined. Mr Frydenberg is saying he is advised there is no new evidence on which to base a review. We think he refers to advice from his Department in 2016. There is substantial new evidence since then, as stated in legal advice to the Australian Conservation Foundation. We in the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance are his electors. We are doing this as both a street petition and this on-line version. In 2017 we delivered over 900 surveys to him with requests to stop the mine. He said he could do nothing. HE CAN! Please JOIN US in holding the Minister to account. PLEASE ADDRESS A STATEMENT TO THE MINISTER IN "YOUR REASONS" BOX BELOW.

How it will be delivered

It will be delivered in person at his electorate office together with gathered street petitions, at a meeting about September, as we did in 2017 for the Survey. We aim to exceed the 1000 achieved last year. We will have a media release with pictures.
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Reasons for signing

  • Mining coal means burning coal which produces more carbon going into the air we breathe
  • A concerned custodian of this country for my children and grandchildren
  • Josh, the planet doesn't need more fossil fuel burnt. Read up on climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. How about leading us into the future instead of taking us back to the past, and to the end of life as we know it.


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