To: Prime Minister

Mental Illness is everyones business

Dear Minister

Please could you put more funding and awareness into mental Health.
How is it that mental health is not as important in the Emergency department as a broken arm or even gastro.
How is it that you take your child to the psychiatric ward at the children's hospital in desperation and are turned away and told that theres nothing they can do for you and your child?
You have to go private if you need a psychiatric admission and even then, theres a long wait list.
There are no juvenile centres either. We need you to stand up and recognise that some of Australia's youth need desperate mental assistance, as they will one day be adults, and without that help are at risk of falling between the cracks.

Why is this important?

Imagine if someone you loved died from something invisible. Something misunderstood. Something that the world shuts its eyes to and ignores and discriminates against.
Imagine if you felt the same way and ignored it too, and your loved one died in vain, silently crying for help.
And you didn't even ask if they were okay because you couldn't see it or just didn't want to see it.
Fact : Mental illness kills.
Fact : two thirds of patients admitted to the Emergency department have mental illness, and even there the treatment is not urgent. It's not a broken bone or gastro. It's not serious that you've just either attempted to overdose or have told them that you're suicidal.
There are so many famous people in the world suffering Mental illness, even Politicians. They have a platform to make this cause heard, yet all there is is silence. Silence like the lifeless body of a victim taken by Mental illness.
Mental illness is everyone's business. Make a stand, pass this on and bring this plight to life.

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  • if this was a friend or family member needing assistance everybody would be asking for help so please sign


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