To: Goodman Fielder, Australia's major importer of fats and oil and Australia's leading publicity listed food company

MeadowLea, we don't think you ought to be congratulated!

We are asking Goodman Fielder to make a public commitment to use certified sustainable palm oil in their products by 2015

Why is this important?

Orang-utans are facing rapid extinction with palm oil being the single biggest threat to their survival. Palm oil is found in nearly half of the products on our supermarket shelves, only needing to be labelled as 'vegetable oil'.

Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is produced in a way that does not compromise the last remaining habitat or the Orang-utan. It is the best choice Orang-utans have for survival . Certified sustainable palm oil is the only realistic means to shift the palm oil market towards a sustainable future, and is supported by a range of conservation organisations such as Zoos Victoria and World Wildlife Fund.

More than 5 million tonnes of certified sustainable palm oil was produced in 2011, but without companies committed to purchasing it, forest destruction from unsustainable palm oil products will continue. Many food manufacturers have already made commitments to use only CSPO by 2015, but until the food industry's major players make public commitments make source, import and use CSPO themselves, progress may be too slow to save Orung-utans.

Goodman Fielder, makers of well-loved brands such as MeadowLea and White Wings, import palm oil into Australia and use it in their products. They are one of the largest users of palm oil in Australia but currently have not made any commitments to import and use 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their products. (NB Greenpalm certificates are endorsed by RSPO as a way of supporting sustainable palm oil, but cannot be labelled as being certified sustainable palm oil).

Sign this petition to tell the makers of MeadowLea, Goodman Fielder that until they commit to importing and using 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their products by 2015, you won't be congratulating them.