To: McDonalds Australia Ltd

McDonalds - not in Glebe please

McDonalds - not in Glebe please

You want to build a store in Glebe. We have tried to ask you if its a pop up store, or a rebranded McCafe. You wont answer our questions.
But here is the message McDonalds - don't open a store in Glebe. And if you do open one. Please close it now!

Why is this important?

We don't want McDonalds in Glebe.
Glebe has a wonderful cafe culture. Opening a McDonalds, under any name and in any form, will take business away from that village community.
We all know that most of your food is bad quality (no matter how much you pretend otherwise) - high in fat, high in sugar, made with poorly sourced ingredients. We know around the world that you pay your workers low wages too.
Residents of Glebe and visitors to Glebe don't want to encourage a business that is bad for our health, the environment and doesn't respect the need for living wages.
Glebe is well organised. You might remember how the residents of Newtown got themselves together to the point that you left the suburb. Well, know that we are organised too, and we plan to stick this out.
Don't move into Glebe, and if you do we are committed to campaigning in the community to ensure you do as little business as is possible - until you leave for good.

Reasons for signing

  • dont' want to see our environment, taste and health spoiled by this american fastfood crocodile.
  • McDonalds is one of america's neoliberal flagships, if we can stop them then we can break the system. In my own town it has been an environmental disaster.
  • We keep getting told we are fat yet in my regional town of 70,000 there are ten Maccas .


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