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To: Minister of Communication Hon. Malcolm Turnbull

Matraville Post Office

Bring back the Post Office to Matraville. When the post office site was sold a promise was made to the residents of Matraville that when the new development was finished the post office would return from its temporary location in Hillsdale. This location is not only inaccessible for many customers, but it's bad location and size it is not inviting or fitting for such an essential service.

Why is this important?

We need the matraville post office back at the matraville town center. You can make it happen. People power is an amazing thing. People young and old rely on you to save and protect local and protect local communities with essentisl services such as the post office. It was sneaky the way that australia post went about the clossure. I was tipped of by the media before it was made public that we were losing the matraville post office. All the way from la perouse to Matraville this post office was our sence of security. Please bring it back. We need your help. Please write to MP Matt Thistlethwaite, MP Michael Daley, Also include (Cr Noel D Souza and Cr Belleli who support getting back our Matraville post office.) Please start by signing the petition.
Regards. Carlos

Reasons for signing

  • We need Post Office Service at Matraville as before.
  • Noel is a fantastic champion for his local area and neighbours. He has my support!
  • This service enables the local community especially the elderly and not so elderly to do their postage and pay their bills etc. Keep it Local and Keep it Real


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