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To: WA Premier and Member for Rockingham, Hon Mark McGowan MP

Mark McGowan Please Don’t Rezone and Bulldoze Point Peron for Housing

Mark McGowan Please Don’t Rezone and Bulldoze Point Peron for Housing

As concerned citizens, we call on Mark McGowan to withdraw his and WA Labor’s current support for the proposed rezoning and bulldozing of Point Peron public land to allow for the proposed Mangles Bay canal marina housing estate and other possible uses.
We call on Mark McGowan and WA Labor to support the Cape Peron Coastal Park alternative proposal to retain as public land the entire “bush forever” at Point Peron.

Why is this important?

The Land was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State of Western Australia in 1964 subject to its future use ‘being restricted to a reserve for Recreation and/or Park Lands’.

The Proposal will deprive Western Australians of the opportunity to develop a world-class coastal conservation and recreation park that will provide social, health and tourism benefits for both the Rockingham community and Perth’s expanding population. see

There is already an approved marina site for Rockingham at Wanliss Street that has wide community support.

The Proposal has no social licence with over 13,000 West Australians having signed petitions against the Proposal.

Constructing an artificial inland canal system will require ongoing maintenance at high cost to ratepayers and/or taxpayers.

Canal developments of this type are outdated and have been banned in two states due to their unacceptable environmental impact and ongoing maintenance issues.

The Land includes 43 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’ which will be destroyed, causing loss of habitat, restrictions on public access and permanently damaging cultural and social elements of Point Peron.

The Proposal will threaten the ecological stability of nearby Lake Richmond and put groundwater, seagrass meadows, marine water quality, numerous state and federally listed threatened species including the precious thrombolite colony at risk.

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Reasons for signing

  • Just for once, do as was promised! Leave this recrational area alone and keep it for the public! There are things more important than money.
  • This is a real irony. Of the old lease blocks on Pt. Peron, there used to be holiday camp buildings owned by the unions as well as the better known Pt. Peron Camp school. I guess that's got a big "for sale" sign on it too. - One more of those "win-win" deals to stroke a party donor. Oh so far has the modern Labor Party strayed from its roots to become in essence a small "L" Liberal Party.
  • Rich people have enough real estate to choose from. Leave the last remaining natural reserves for future generations to enjoy...


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