To: Prime Minister

Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing for All Members of Parliament

Accept this petition and take action to implement testing for all members of Parliament regularly for Drugs and Alcohol.

Why is this important?

Scott Ludlam, a Senator from Western Australia has today alleged that members of both Houses of Parliament are frequently inebriated when voting on national legislation. We the people of Australia expect sober behaviour at all times from all our politicians when attending sittings in Parliament. Anything less is unacceptable behaviour.


Reasons for signing

  • I worked in Parliament for 5 years, and saw numerous instances of Parliamentarians intoxicated to the extent they couldn't function properly, or in some cases behaved inappropriately to staff and others. "Tired and emotional" doesn't really cut it in these cases.
  • I signed this petition because some members of Parliament are alleged to have been inebriated when voting on important legislation. This is totally unacceptable.


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