My name is Glenn Lazarus and I am a Senator for Queensland, Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, a real Australian representative of the Australian people and I need your help to convince Malcolm Turnbull and his Government to put the interests of Australia and Australian jobs for Australian workers first and immediately cancel their plan to award a $2 billion Australian Government contract to construct two logistical support vessels (supply ships) for the Royal Australian Navy to the Spanish company Navantia.

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The Turnbull Government is intending to award a two-billion-dollar Australian Government defence contract to a Spanish company which will create an estimated 3,000 jobs for Spain and only a few dozen for Australian workers. Our shipbuilding and maritime industry is already facing significant challenges and substantial job losses. I am of the view this is an unacceptable misuse of Australian taxpayer funds, a slap in the face to our highly capable Australian shipbuilding and maritime industry, and a betrayal of the people of Australia.

As Australians we must join together and demand that the Turnbull Government cease any further negotiations with the Spanish company and instead start working with the Australian shipping and maritime industry to urgently develop the capability to construct these ships right here in Australia. I believe the Turnbull Government’s apparent decision to award Navantia the contract and enter into negotiations with them as the Australian Government’s preferred bidder is premature, short-sighted, and a risk to Australia’s security as a nation.

The Turnbull Government must consult with the Australian shipping and maritime industry, organised labour, and defence experts as a matter of urgency. I expect the Government to determine a strategy to keep the construction of these ships on Australian soil to preserve and grow domestic shipbuilding jobs and associated industries, protect Australia’s national interests, and galvanise Australia’s defence force.

The current plan to retain only 5% of the value of this important project for Australian industry is an insult to all Australians. The Turnbull Government must make a strong commitment to our country, our shipping and maritime industry, and all Australian workers to work with domestic industry to ensure maximum involvement of Australian shipbuilders in all naval construction projects going forward.

Prime Minister, heed the call of the Australian shipbuilding and maritime industry and all Australians and stop this betrayal of the Australian public whom you serve before it is too late.

Why is this important?

I am of the view that it is vital that all Australian defence construction projects are carried out in Australia by Australian workers. Not only does prioritising Australian bidders on large tender projects like this protect Australian jobs, it ensures our defence materiel is made to the highest possible standards. It is essential to our national defence capability as well as the security of our nation and the preservation and growth of domestic manufacturing jobs.

Please support me in calling on the Prime Minister to put the interests of all Australians and Australian jobs before the interests of any other country and stop the awarding of a major billion dollar Australian Government defence contract to Spain and instead work with the Australian shipping and maritime industry to undertake the construction project in Australia.

Reasons for signing

  • Australia jobs should be given to Australians in Australia not sent off shore. Keep Australians employed>
  • We="Australia" in times past were highly regarded as quality producers of all types of engineering products.We as a nation have now become a nation without basic trade skills due to politicians playing games with our education & our apprenticeship training.
  • A government has no higher duty than to care for its' citizens. If the government does not put Australians first, it stands for nothing.


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We have reached more than 2,000 signatures. The Australian shipping and maritime industry is an important industry for Australia. Please share this petition with your friends, family and colleagues - AND follow me on FACEbook to keep up with my work in supporting the industry.


Glenn Lazarus
Senator for Queensland

2016-04-10 12:47:44 +1000

Thanks everyone. Almost 2,000 signatures. This will affect hundreds of thousands of Australians. Start sharing and promoting. Cheers, Glenn

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