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To: The people of Warwick

Make Triple J’s One Night Stand Come to Warwick

Make Triple J’s One Night Stand Come to Warwick

I want the people of Warwick and surrounds to show their support in Triple J’s One Night Stand coming to town.

Why is this important?

This is important because I want the people of our community to experience awesome live music at a free and safe all ages gig. Young people in Warwick will now be able to say that there’s something to do rather than using the old excuse. This also opens the community’s eyes to other events that could happen in Warwick in the future. This concert not only gifts us awesome free music, but it also helps to further put Warwick on the map. Many people travel from far and wide to see One Night Stand, bringing with them money which in turn helps local businesses. Funds raised from donations at the concert also directly supports a local charity. So not only does this really help our community, but it also showcases the rest of the nation what makes our little town so unique and amazing.

Reasons for signing

  • Great town but not a lot happens for the youth. Totally support this event coming for them.
  • I support this because Warwick is a great little town to travel to and it is important to me that the youth in the area feel they are supported to advocate for their needs.
  • Because I'm hella keen on seeing some awesome live music


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