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To: Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott

Make same-sex marriage legal in Australia

"Dear Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott, as a country that prides itself on fairness and equality, it's time we removed Australia's only remaining legal form of discrimination by providing same-sex partners with the same right to marriage that everyone else enjoys...when preparing for your up-coming election campaigns, take note that this is an issue that a huge number of Australian voters care about!"

Why is this important?

Australian law states that ALL Australian's should enjoy the same rights regardless of race, colour, religion, and gender...and yet it's legal to discriminate against [tax-paying] people based on sexuality. Aside from being unfair and unethical, it's downright un-Australian!

This petition will be provided to Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott prior to the upcoming election to show them and their parties that the majority of intelligent, free thinking, tolerant Australians support same-sex marriage, with the aim that this will positively affect their policies on the subject.

If you support equality and same-sex marriage then please don't ignore this petition - please sign and then share the link with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, SMS, etc and encourage them to do the same.

If we don't act on the things we care about, we can't complain when things don't change!

With sincere thanks!

Equal Rights in Australia

Reasons for signing

  • Why shouldn't I have the same right? Been together for 15 years.
  • Everyone deserves to love the person they care for, regardless of gender
  • because all humans deserve to have their right to marriage and because love is love and we should deny peoples rights to love because they want to get married


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