To: Jane Halton, Secretary, Department of Finance

Make politicians claim their entitlements via centrelink

Make politicians claim their entitlements via centrelink

The Australian Government has invested heavily in making the Centrelink payment system highly resistant to fraud and rorting. It's wasteful to duplicate this functionality at the Department of Finance. Politicians should use the same system millions of ordinary Australians rely on to receive their essential payments.

Why is this important?

Politicians use of entitlements concerns many Australians right across the political spectrum. There have been numerous reviews into entitlements after equally numerous spending scandals. The people would regain confidence in the entitlement system if they knew politicians faced dialing the same numbers and lining up in the same queues as ordinary Australian do to access federal payments.

This should include not only travel entitlements but all payments, including ongoing retirement benefits that deliver special six figure pensions to politicians. When there is concern in the community about rorting instead of another ineffective parliamentary review centrelink can crackdown and use its extensive arsenal of tools to ensure compliance: including obligatory waiting periods, asking claimants to produce extensive and exhaustive personal information, hiring private detectives and snooping on the social media accounts of claimants to verify their honesty. Where fraud is systemic centrelink could issue payments on cashless cards that can only be used for pre-approved purchases and for example exclude sales from liquor shops and helicopter hire agencies.

It makes economic sense to move politicians onto the centrelink payment system as there is a duplication of services with the department of finance.

Entitlements regularly make the news, here are just a handful of recent articles on the subject.

UPDATE 09.01.17
Health minister Sussan Ley stands aside pending travel expenses investigation

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  • take a walk outside
  • Centrelink the parasitic infestation of Australian politics and watch the wake of scavenging nest-featherers desert the sinking ship as if the bones were picked clean.
  • The parasites of parliment are drawing more super in retirement than they have ever paid in. They also double dip with jobs for the boys and girls and are bleeding the country dry. They should have the same super and entitlements as everyone else. Make them apply through Centrelink and when their super runs out (what they have paid in) they get no more lifetime payments for the parasites


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