To: The Minister of Education and Training

“Make my voice count” – join the fight against TAFE funding cuts!

“Make my voice count” – join the fight against TAFE funding cuts!

To Christopher Pyne,

The Australian Government has cut funding to TAFE, this is a community issue which prevents Australians from accessing education due to the outstanding costs of the courses and the eradication of courses offered at TAFE campuses. This in turn has led to an increase in unemployment and people unable to obtain employment due to education being financially unattainable. The cuts to TAFE has led to teachers contracts being terminated which has then effected the standard of education the students are receiving. Moreover, the decrease in library staff has resulted in international students not receiving the literacy and language assistance that was readily available to them before the TAFE system changes. TAFE's vision for learning involves interactive practical teaching techniques while still catering for equity and diversity. However, by eliminating the resources and facilities due to inadequate funding, it is basically setup to have limitations which creates challenges for students' learning. Education is expected to grow because people are becoming increasingly aware of the practical advantages that it gives individuals in relation to employment and livelihood. Therefore, the cost of formal vocational education needs to be accessible and affordable for everyone, as there is a demand for education throughout a person’s life.

TAFE Queensland campuses are now opened to sharing facilities with VET private for-profit providers and due to TAFE system changes, the students have been greatly impacted. Firstly, at TAFE Brisbane Loganlea Campus students found that classrooms have been booked beforehand but due to now sharing facilities there have been changes to students’ timetables. This is due to another booking system overriding the other and this has caused many disruptions during class time. Secondly, at TAFE Brisbane Loganlea Campus students found that they were assigned a teacher for the unit/class, then the class experiences three different teachers over the period of 3 weeks and the teachers would make individual adjustments to the assessments handed out prior from the original teacher. The TAFE system changes has effected the education standards which is unfair considering the increasing costs for the TAFE courses. I have found the teachers to be a source of knowledge and are very experienced in their field that they are teaching but with facilities needing to be shared and the teachers changes this may impact on students being able to have a quality education without interruptions.

The VET sector has an important role in which to support people whom are at a disadvantage, thereby providing learning opportunities to people who may have left school, upskilling, returning to the workforce or faced redundancy later in life. The VET system needs to be revised where improvements need to be made to ensure education and training excellence. Therefore, it is essential for the VET system to provide quality, accessible, well-resourced, sustainable and affordable education and training in which to deliver the skills necessary to meet the need in the current and future labour market.

Kind Regards,
Dominique Farrell
TAFE Brisbane Loganlea Campus Student

Why is this important?

According to the document released by the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce “a rationalised structure of TAFE institutes could see the number of sites in the state reduce from 95 to just 57 with the facilities consolidated across 6 regions”. In the past few years the Australian Government has progressively cut education funding to TAFE Institutes and increased fees by 500 percent. The cuts have led to TAFE providers forced to re-evaluate their course offerings including slashing a number of courses, as courses are not financially viable. This has resulted in a decreased number of students enrolling in courses due to the increased course costs, making TAFE less accessible to people. This has impacted students in rural areas whom are forced to move due to course closures and unavailability. The education cuts to TAFE will have a negative impact on students opportunities to access higher education, as students use TAFE for bridging course purposes to enter university. Increased fees and course cuts has made pathways to university more difficult for people who are already socio-economically disadvantaged.

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  • Each year, reports and experts tell us that our technical and vocational education is under-resourced and under-funded. Yet TAFE is bearing the brunt of huge cutbacks. Where is the sense in this?


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