To: Premier and police minister of Victoria, CEO Coles Insurance

Make Insurance Companies accountable for denying liability for claims through "loop holes".

Dear Premier of Victoria, Police Minister of Victoria and CEO of Coles Insurance,

Any one that takes out insurance should have a reasonable expectation that, if one of the defined events under the policy occurs, acceptance and payment of the claim should be a forgone conclusion.

A friend of mine parked her car on the street in a Melbourne suburb. She left the vehicle in gear and with the parking break on.

When she returned to the vehicle the drivers side window was smashed, the car had been taken out of gear, the hand break released and the car pushed down the hill and in the process causing $1,500 damage to property and the car.

When reported to Knox Police station she was told that this is not considered theft!

As a result Coles Insurance have denied liability under her Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.

The policy was taken in "good faith" that cover would be provided!

This type of situation results from the Police not doing their job and subsequently the insurance company is using this as an "excuse" not to pay a claim!

If someone breaks into your vehicle and as a result the vehicle is not where you left it, HOW CAN THIS BE ANY THING OTHER THAN THEFT!

Premier and Police minister: Consider the rights and entitlements of the public before making policies that are aimed at reducing the police work load and making the statistics look good!

CEO Coles Insurance: I am just one person... but with the help of social media I CAN AND WILL distribute the facts of this claim as widely as possible!

Why is this important?

Having worked for major insurance companies as a claims clerk for a number of years I am aware of the standard approach of some of the less reputable insurers.

One company I worked for required me to offer a contributory negligence settlement as a first tacit to reducing a claim payout in every case even when it was clearly our drivers fault! Given that we only insured heavy vehicles acceptance on a 60/40 contributory negligence basis was often a huge saving!

Others use every trick in the book to deny liability. i.e. Driver failed to advise a speeding infringement and many more small hidden loop holes.

Some companies ALWAYS consider their reputation when settling claims that are a bit contentious by offering a settlement without admitting liability. This is to be admired but rest assured that almost every insurance policy ever written has an "out" clause in it even if it isn't used: e.g. Act of God etc.

The insurance industry as a whole needs to be held accountable for it's performance by a regulatory body with TEETH to back it up!