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To: Greenpeace

Make Commercial Whaling Illegal

Make Commercial Whaling Illegal

Dear Greenpeace,
We ask you to urgently put more pressure on the Japanese Government to ban all commercial whaling. The market for whale meat is declining and so are whale populations. There really is no excuse for commercial whaling.

Why is this important?

Killing whales for food has occurred in some cultures for thousands of years, but commercial whaling is quickly devastating the world's whale populations. Commercial whaling involves hunting down these majestic creatures and turning them into barrels of oil for profit. Whales are essential for healthy oceans - they play an important role in the food web and help the oceans deal with the impacts of climate change. Japan is one of the world's biggest whalers. Although they say the slaughter happens for "research", the same research can now be conducted without killing the animals. Most whale populations have decreased by 90% in the last 200 years. If we don't act now to ban commercial whaling, our grandchildren may only see the beauty of whales in museums.

Reasons for signing

  • So called scientific whaling is nothing of the sort. Japan should cease all whaling immediately
  • Another heartbreaking travesty.
  • I signed the end to whaling as there is "NO" logical / Honest reason whatsoever for this "barbaric" inhumane senseless slaughter of these gentle giants ! The Japs have plenty of other food sources available to them ! They are just rude , arrogant , money hungry pigs !


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