To: Ahmed Fahour - Australia Post CEO

Make Australia Post Accountable

Dear Mr. Fahour,
I have started this petition as a result of the inadequate handling of my request for compensation. Your staff think that they can hide behind legislation and refuse to acknowledge responsibility for their incompetent handling of our private information which ended up being delivered not only to the wrong address in the wrong city but also to a total stranger. This incompetence caused extreme emotional distress and I demand satisfaction. I have physical proof and will not desist from pursuing action against your organization.

Why is this important?

Australia Post has become typical of the way giant corporations think and act. They don't give a damn about the little people even though it is the little people that are the majority of their source of income. This issue has become very personal because their incompetence caused severe mental trauma on the eve of our wedding day. Because of their actions our wedding almost had to be postponed which would have created immense cost not only to us but to our guests especially those coming interstate. I got sick of the excuses and having to repeat myself to the various consultants and all they did was in the end hide behind legislation and tried to offer me a refund of my mailing costs. I refused because that is an insult and cannot compensate for what they have caused.

Reasons for signing

  • We pay for a delivery service that doesn't deliver while the executives live the high life.
  • Declining service with inclining fees. Disgraceful
  • bad service illogical running of Australia Post and Executives/ board fat cats


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2016-02-29 15:57:11 +1100

Hi everyone, unfortunately progress has been slow. You would think with the amount of mishandling by Australia Post there would be a lot of signatures but that has not been the case and it really is frustrating. How on earth can we expect any change if people will not stand up and be counted. Any wonder Australia Post gets away with it. Also I had contacted the Ombudsman and I got exactly what I expected a big fat zero. What a joke. Isn't it amazing how the CEO of Australia Post can get a 2 million dollar bonus yet they refuse to compensate me for my loss. They haven't even got the decency to admit to their mistakes.

2016-02-03 14:49:50 +1100

Hi everyone, thank you for signing. If we are ever to see a change in the way this outdated fossil treats its customers we must get the word out so please tell your friends to sign. As they say in the advertising business the best form of advertising either for good or bad is word of mouth. It is estimated that one person knows at least ten others so imagine how quickly this would get around if we all told our friends to pass it around and sign up.

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